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How to choose a painting

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Many people say: "I don't understand Art, so how can I choose a painting?" I always say: "Choose with the heart". As simple as that. Choose art that touches something in your soul. This is the first and most important law of all.

But how do we fit a painting into a room? Here the answer is more technical.

I take into account five parameters:

1. Size of the piece

Large works have a great presence. They attract attention and affect the space dramatically. If we are in the matter of the WOW effect, size is the answer. Small works are less dominant and more intimate. As such, it is correct to place them as part of a group of decorative accessories or paintings (Gallery wall), or in the corners and not in the center of the wall.

2. Proportions

A square format contributes to symmetry and a relaxed atmosphere.

A reclining rectangular format will make the space look wider.

A standing rectangular will create a feeling of height.

Various round formats created a dynamic and playful atmosphere.

3. Colors

Cold colors will give the space a cooler, more formal, and modern look.

Colors in shades of brown - red - orange - yellow, will give the space warmth and intimacy.

Colorful paintings add energy and playfulness.

Monochromatic artworks will soothe.

Works in shades similar to the shades of space will be integrated and will stand out less.

If we want to bounce our room we will choose works of art in colors that contrast with the space.

4. Artistic style

It can be a painting that will fit the space style like modern, boho, romantic, etc, or be completely contrary to the nature of the space.

5. Topic

The painting subject will be affected by the function of the room. Less appropriate to put female nudity in the dining area.

Art is not mathematics. There is no one right answer.

In the end, any piece you choose is superior to an empty wall. Each painting will add energy and soul to your space.

Enjoy (-:!

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