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Tikkun (Divine Repair)

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Tikkun (Divine Repair)

Tikkun (Divine Repair) is a Kabbalistic concept

Tikkun has two aspects

1. Gifts - Talents.

We received the gifts so that we would have something to give to the world

2. Negative thoughts and feelings.

Negativism blocks and deprives of the soul the ability to receive fulfillment and satisfaction and delays the process we must perform.

The gifts are our property.

It must not be damaged or altered in any way.

It's forbidden to suppress even a seemingly bad talent. Instead of blocking a 'bad' talent, we should direct it to a place that will help and contribute to humanity.

Instead of downloading, uploading.

We must find the good in every feature.

It is imperative to develop and use our talents.

We didn't get these specific talents for nothing. Talent helps the soul in its developmental journey.

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 2#4 Tikkun (Divine Repair)

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