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I'm Taly Levi, a Multidisciplinary Israeli Artist.

Married, mother of three daughters and a cat

I have a bachelor's degree in interior design. For many years I was involved in the planning and design of dozens of offices, apartments, gyms, and businesses.

In 2001, when I was 30, my mother passed away. From that point in time, I began to engage more and more in art, exhibiting, and curating.

Between the years 2007 - 2015, I set up an independent art gallery and hosted art exhibitions of dozens of artists.

In the last few years, I have concentrated on creating and selling my art online.

I love sport, and cats, Inspired by music and attracted to the hidden world, the one beyond the physical one. The influence of all the above is evident in my art.

I have a huge passion for creating art. 

My art style is expressive and full of pure emotions. 

I paint what I FEEL. Spontaneity. 
Brainwork, perfect technique, or specific work type, don't interest me and are not included in my work.

It can be acrylic on canvas, works on paper, watercolors, collages, and ink drawings. Anything that pumps up at any moment.

The subjects I love to paint are women, angels, spiritual art, nature, and cats.

My interest, passion, and happiness are in expressing myself through art and writing, creating forever, selling my artworks, and touching the heart of you - people around the world.

If you appreciate authenticity and you are not afraid to free your heart and let it dive into someone else world, there is a chance you will find interest in the art I create.


​The ability to direct contact with you is a big joy to me. So, Keep in touch (-:!

Taly Levi Tal Stoobik

Taly Levi Artist.jpg



"There is a positive side to disappearances of inspiration. It reminds me that creating art is not as easy as it seems, and reminds me to appreciate the ability to create. Every time those periods appear, I keep working, but my aspirations of touching people, selling my art, and being successful - shrinking, and my only prayer becomes just not to lose my talent forever."   

Taly Levi

Most of the time, there is a tendency to associate time with quality and think that the longer an artist work on an artwork, the higher its value and quality. For me, it works the other way around.
The shorter the working time and the fewer "corrections" the piece is better in my opinion. Why? Because it comes out quickly, powerfully, and direct. At the strongest connection with pure inspiration.

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