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Updated: Jul 13, 2021


Pride and anger Strictness, impatience, intolerance Hate Need for respect and appreciation The solution: modesty Anger stems from pride and a feeling of superiority. We are angry at someone for doing something because we think we would have behaved differently because we are better and smarter. The feeling of superiority and pride makes us judge, compare and feed the anger. Anger feeds hatred. Anger puts in quick energy, which also disappears quickly. Some people are addicted to this energy. The soul does not contain anger. When anger is present in us, part of the soul leaves the body, and avoid is created. Negative things enter this space. An obsession is a negative force that enters into that space. When we look into the eyes of an angry person, the negative energy passes and penetrates us. When we are in a situation of anger, it is advisable to cut off contact, let the fire cool down, and talk about things afterward. As pride rises, we will be blocked and stop accepting ideas and abundance from above. If we succeed in something, we shouldn't be proud of it. We should understand that we have received a gift and we are the conduit chosen to transfer energy from above to our world. It must be understood that we are the tap and not the water.

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 8#3 Fire - Pride and anger

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