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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Klipot \ Peels

The peels in the theory of Kabbalah

Peels are negative forces that we have brought upon ourselves through negative actions.

Every negative act creates a thickener in the peel and creates a screen on the soul.

As long as we are wrapped in peels, we will not be able to feel the light outside.

Addictions, to drugs, for example, thicken the peel. The drugs create a temporary filling feeling. Passive light is received in a passive and false way that thickens the peel.

When we are wrapped in peels, we are cut off from the all-encompassing light and no new light can penetrate.

The peels prevent us from realizing our potential.

The peel is basically our dominant feature. A trait that has taken root in us and managed us in a negative way and continued behavior, in the same way, thickens it further and further.

To identify our peels we must identify our weaknesses.

Blockages are basically peels.

The nature of the peels

1. A screen that separates us from the light

2. A screen that we create on our own by the behavior of self-will and negative actions

Taking light without resistance force and getting a quick fill creates a peel.

Steps in peel removal

1. Identify the peel.

2. Create a strong desire to overcome the peel.

3. Give the peel a name.

4. Use Kabbalah tools to remove the peels.

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 7#3 Klipot \ Peels

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