Kabbalah lesson 6#2 The bread of shame

Updated: Feb 10

The bread of shame

The bread of shame

The bread of shame is a Kabbalistic concept.

The bread of shame is receiving something without earning it, without effort.

This is how passive recipients feel.

The bread of shame is the reason we are here. It is the reason why the world was created.

We all want to be the reason and not the result.

We all want to gain our success, and not have it for free. Our efforts give our success meaning. This is the only way to feel real fulfillment.

We all, don't really want to have things for free. We all need and want difficulties. Difficulties create interest.

Spiritual Rule # 6

Spiritual effort leads to continuous fulfillment

Spiritual Tool # 6

Focus on effort, not on the outcome.

13.1.2021 6#2 Admission Kabbalah lesson summary, by my personal observation

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