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The power of resistance

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The power of resistance

The more we can stop ourselves from being in response, the more we can make the right choices.

Situation/challenge - we do not stop - act on an automaton - I am a result

Situation/challenge - we stop - activates resistance to the automaton - I'm a reason - the filling time (happiness) is longer.

Repression and denial are not resistance.

We must understand what is happening to us, in the emotional dimension, and resist judgment and automatic action.

We are not opposed to what happened but to our inner response to what happened.

How to use the power of resistance

- Situation/Challenge

- Stop, examine the automatic will

- Activate resistance to an automatic action

- Understand that a challenge is an opportunity

- Choose to accept the challenge and face it

- Initiate an action different from our automated action

Do not operate automatically. Initiate a different action.

Resistance to the inner opponent = listening to the soul

We came into the world to go through a process and get out of it differently. This is what the soul wants.

External reality is determined for us. Our personal reality is determined by our choice and emotion.

Spiritual Rule 4 #

Continuous fulfillment requires a process

Spiritual Tool 4 #

Adopt the process

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 4#2 The power of resistance

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