Kabbalah lesson 2#2 Repetitive situations

Updated: Feb 10

Repetitive situations

Situations repeat to make us pay attention to them.

Once we have noticed a recurring situation we are already at 80% understanding

When we encounter difficulty

If we pay attention to the difficulty, treat it, do emotional work, and cope with it - the repetitive situations will decrease and not repeat themselves.

If we ignore, do not relate, do not take responsibility, blame others - the repetitive situations will come back and with greater intensity.

When a situation repeats itself we should:

1. Identify what is coming back.

2. See and understand in depth what needs to change and what emotion it evokes in us.

3. Do an act.

16.12.2020 2#2 Admission Kabbalah lesson summary, by my personal observation

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 2#2 Repetitive situations

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