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Asking questions

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Asking questions

We summon into our lives what is in our emotions and consciousness.

We are required to take responsibility, to come together, to learn. Not blaming others for what is happening to us. Not to judge.

We are required to start asking questions.

If we will not ask, the answers will not come and we will not develop.

The questions we need to ask:

1. Identification.

Why is this situation present in my life? Why is this happening to me?

2. Why.

What can I learn from the situation about my correction? How should I change? Where is my responsibility?

3. What to do.

What should I do so that it does not come back? What change, the smallest, can I make? How can I behave a little differently?

A small change in the machine will affect all of its produce.

We must identify a pattern, stop, change something small.

We must treat everything we feel and give it space.

If we relate to emotion, give it space and take it out - it comes out and does not come back.

If we ignore and repress it - it will remain and will come back again in the future with much greater intensity. Until we relate, understand, and treat it.

This is how providence works. That is its job. This is its way of helping us do the process that our soul needs to do.

The soul comes into the world to go through a pre-arranged and planned journey, according to the Tikkun we must make.

When questions are asked, the answers come.

Ask and let go. The answers will come.

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