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Levels of spiritual development

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Levels of spiritual development

Self-will in Kabbalah

When the will of myself, leads me in life, it is less good.

The more light we bring into our lives, the better we will recognize our ego.

The more we become activists and considerate of others, the desire for self-will and ego will make us feel bad.

There are several levels of spiritual development

1. Brute - undeveloped. unaware. Has no shame in him. Does not feel wrong. selfish.

2. Slightly developed - does negative deeds but in secret, because he is ashamed of them. The more guilt and shame we feel from our negative actions show we are more spiritually developed.

3. Advanced - does not tolerate his own selfishness and negativity. Aware of himself. Suffering from his bad habbits. But can not get out of it.

4. Altruism - love your fellow man as yourself. The other is as important to him as himself, or more. Hurting the other feels like hurting yourself.

5. The ultimate level - the love of every person. To love everything is to contain everything. When you reach this level, you enjoy every moment, every person, and every situation.

The world is evolving and getting better.

All of humanity will eventually reach level 5.

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