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Updated: Jul 13, 2021


Proper giving recharges our energy.

Everyone in the world has some shortage in order to allow others to fill it for us and give of themselves.

There is giving out of low awareness and out of high awareness.

Giving in low awareness:

1. Giving with eye trouble.

Does not want to give but has no choice and must give.

2. Sub-giver.

Gives but can give much more.

3. Reactive giving.

Someone asks for help and we give it to him.

Giving in high awareness

4. Initiated giving.

We initiate giving.

5. Giving outside the comfort zone.

Secret giving A. The giver knows to whom he has given. The recipient does not know who gave it.

Secret giving B. The giver does not know to whom he gave. The recipient does not know who gave it.

6. Global Giving.

Education. Giving the seed.

Sometimes true giving is - not to give. To hold back. Allow the other one to face and be saved on his own.

Physical giving has pretty instant feedback.

Spiritual giving takes a very long time to be accepted.

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 5#2 Giving

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