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My friends, The State of Israel is at war. Terrorist organizations kidnap and kill hundreds of our people, people who want to live freely in their country. There is no justification and no justice for terrorism

The pogrom that was carried out on the residents of the south reflects the sad situation in which the population does not have a state to protect them and emphasizes even more how critical the existence of the State of Israel is to the Jewish people

Since time immemorial we have reached out for peace with the Palestinians, and they, since time immemorial, have only reached out with hands full of weapons and hatred

The residents of Israel as a whole live in an illusory situation in which they are exposed to acts of terrorism on a daily basis and to rounds of rocket launches into our communities, including Tel Aviv, every few months. This is not the right way to live. A normal country should not allow this. Our government allowed it because we had compassion for the citizens in Gaza, and because we were naive to believe that a strong economy would incite the heart from evil to construction and prosperity. It did not happen. The funds that the Palestinians in Gaza received were used to arm and build forces of terror and destruction, instead of building a future for their citizens.

There are good people on both sides, but until now the terrorist organizations are in control and have one goal - to kill us and wipe Israel off the map

It will not happen. We will fight terrorism, evil, and hatred until the last drop of our blood because we have no other country

Please don't get confused. The Islamist terror is not directed only at the Jews in the Land of Israel. This brutal terrorism is under the surface, everywhere in the world, waiting for an opportunity to raise its head and attack every citizen of any religion, who advocates democracy and liberalism. No one is protected. Only in Israel, it is visible now.


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