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Relax. Release. Breathe. Get out of thinking patterns.

Stop being captives of fears. Do not let them land you.

No more thinking "what will happen?" "How do we manage?" "It does not make sense" "It does make sense". Relax. Release. Breathe

Trust your heart. He is never wrong. Listen to intuition. Trust your gut feeling. Know that deep down everything is clean, accurate, and pure. Like her.

relax. release. Breathe.

"Everything is pure, clean, and real
There is no mistake
The gut feeling should be relied upon
Do not be afraid"

TOHAR (purity)
Acrylic on canvas
90X130 cm

TOHAR is delicate and strong. Her innocence and sensitivity do not prevent her from advancing in her unique and powerful way. This is the new world we long for. Honest, clean, sensitive, solid, and safe.

TOHAR is a very unique painting that represents the pure spirit. The painting contains symbols of nature, power, optimism, dangers, the demons within us, and a few more things to think about.

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