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Internal opponent

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Internal opponent

Internal opponent = Evil inclination, Self-will, selfishness, low self-esteem, a sense of victimhood

The inner opponent is expressed in four ways





The opponent always presses the automatic button. Default, and will always lead us to the same reaction.

The role of the inner opponent appears when we are in lack, emptiness, pain, and discomfort.

The opponent offers momentary relief, instant gratification, and a temporary reduction of pain.

The role of the opponent is to help us connect to the light of the creator by recognizing it - overcoming the difficulty - expanding awareness - feeling meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Our role is to identify that.

The opponent is like a partner in a tennis game. We need his presence but strive to defeat him.

The inner opponent helps us get more out of ourselves

Artist blog illustrated Kabbalah lessons summaries 3#1 Internal opponent

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