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A gallery wall is a display wall of a collection of works of art, photographs, posters, or prints, creatively arranged on a wall.


Creating a gallery wall is a way to bring style and personality to any room.

Arranging such a collection can be challenging.

To help you design an interesting and impressive wall, instead of a random jumble here are some tips.

Inspirational walls are those that combine a variety of artwork representing a variety of media, from photographs to drawings, mixed with personalized souvenirs like children’s artwork or souvenirs from trips.


Using different, non-uniform frames adds interest to the gallery wall. A captivating gallery wall should look like a collection of genres and techniques. Uniformity destroys the magic.


When it comes to designing a gallery wall one has to think about the feeling you want to create and match the atmosphere of the wall to the design style of the home or office.


A good gallery wall can give any space, with any design style, interest, and depth.

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As a former interior designer, I combine my professional eye and extensive experience in the field of design, to create personal and unique gallery walls.

Stunning and personal gallery wall design process:

1. Choose a favorite wall to create a gallery wall.
2. Take a front photo of the wall.
3. Measure the length and height of the wall



Select artwork from the TalStoobik art shop and add it to your shopping cart.
2. Collect prints, pictures, and objects you want to hang (from your private collection) and measure their sizes



1. Send me the information of all listed above by email



What do you get
1. Get an offer to design a gallery wall and arrange the wall
2. Get an architectural drawing with dimensions


Order this service and receive a special customers discount of 20%, to purchase original artworks from Tal Stoobik shop


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