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It's a great privilege teaching others to connect to the fountain of their creativity, and not to be afraid. 

In the art classes, we learn to experiment with a variety of techniques and to shin into the piece. 

Freeing our minds and expressing ourselves through art is the purpose of our art classes.

Visual diary workshop



Party art class


Kids art class

Party art class

An adult's experiential workshop
for friends' meetings, employees' fun day, Bachelorette party, and birthday celebration

Creation into the subconscious.
Pages of the mind. Visual diary.

Through intuitive and liberating work, in a variety of techniques, we will release the consciousness and connect to the unconscious and our inner creative spring.

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I am

ART Lover

Kids art class


Familiarity with the world of colors. Experience in a wide range of materials and techniques. Development of fine and gross motor skills. Experience in short and long work processes.
An encounter with basic concepts in art. Line, stain, color, composition. Painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing. Experience in a wide range of materials and techniques. Knowing the great artists and creating inspiration inspired by their work.

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"Art is a language that presents itself in line, shape, and color"