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Artist sketchbook

Usually, I read before sleeping. Sometimes I sketch instead.

My drawings have no logic or system subjects or technic.
Some will look odd, others gentle. Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes sad or frightening.

Many drawings have been compiled and uploaded as sketchbooks on Amazon Kindle. My sketchbooks are a kind of illustrated diary. Accept them as they are. They are all pure emotions. They are all pieces of one complex person, like many of us.

I'm not trying to teach anything, just sharing with you my raw - authentic - weird drawings.

If you want to peek into free mind drawings, and you
love weird art, you will find interest in my drawings.

Sketchbooks on Amazon Kindle :

Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook 3

Sketchbook 4

Sketchbook 5

Sketchbook 6

Sketchbook 7

Sketchbook 12

Sketchbook 13



All those original drawings are not for sale, but, if you want to visit my studio and see the original drawings, contact me

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