What is Art?
Art is an aesthetic creation that is done for expression and conveying emotion. The work of art expresses the artist's feelings and talents, as well as his uniqueness.
Art can be understood as a form of communication with emotions. Good art produces something new and original in relation to aesthetic or moral feelings. (Wikipedia)

How do we know how much art worth?
Well, it depends on why you buy an artwork.
If you are a collector that buys art as a business, there are specific rules which give you an idea of the value of an artwork. Learn the rules of the art world business and play the game. 
If you buy art because you love art, search for artworks that touch your heart. Don't look for the name. Forget about what all your friends will think of your taste in art. Rely only on your feelings and find the artwork that feet your budget and shakes your heart every time you look at her.

How to find the right art for us?
You do not have to understand art. This is not an exact science. It has no real measurable value.
It is worth learning to feel art. It's something you can practice. Start to observe. Learn to read the colors, the stains, the lines. Feel them penetrate your soul and vibrate her. Everyone has other things that shake his soul. Some of us are excited by raw art, others will be excited by accurate fine art. It does not matter what excites us. The main thing is that we learn to allow ourselves to feel, think and get to know ourselves better through art.

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